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Client Testimonials

"I am honestly not sure what I did before finding April.  I have always been a very active person and as an adult I started finding new sports pushing myself further than ever before.  Whether it was training for marathons, triathlons, open water swims or power lifting, April kept my body tuned up and injury free.  I have been seeing her at least monthly for over 2 years and if I end up going longer I can tell immediately.  April's massage acts both as injury prevention and peace of mind that I am giving back to my body since it does so much for me!  Most recently I was suffering debilitating back pain that felt like a previously diagnosed herniated disc.  It flared up when I was squatting heavy weights.  When I went to April and talked about the pain she asked me lots of questions, tested my movements and found that it was not a herniated disc but a glute issue.  After one session I was able to tie my shoe again.  After two sessions and her helping me explain to my coach what needed to be strengthened, I am lifting heavier than ever and feeling great!  I will be eternally grateful and recommend April to ANYONE I know that will listen."   Stacey O.

"I have been seeing Jay for over a year and he has helped me tremendously in overcoming the scar tissue that developed around my neck after my cancer surgery. His knowledge of that area and his touch has been crucial for my rehab. I would hate to think where I would be without him. THANK YOU, JAY for being you!!!!"     Stephen P.

"Being in the field myself, I find it difficult to find massage therapists that have enough knowledge about the body to be able to really work into core issues.  April is a standout massage therapist who put my search to an end.  She is able to be thorough while giving attention to problem areas and brings a great balance to the massage.  She cares about her work and her clients and it shows in her treatments.  I would recommend April's massage to anyone looking for great quality bodywork."    Kecia F.

"I first experienced Jay's incredible massage skills 3 years ago, I received a series of deeply therapeutic treatments that greatly improved my posture and released tension, holding patterns, and mild trauma from my body after injury. When I moved away I lost the best massages I'd had (and I have had a lot over the years being a Shiatsu practitioner myself I value receiving massage), but happily I moved back to the Santa Cruz area and started sessions again! Jay now works from his beautiful new centre, Tula, a real haven for rest and recuperation! With his unique blend of laser-like precision homing in on the exact places holding the source of tension, coupled with an astute ability to listen to and respect what the body needs, and followed with incredibly nourishing and supportive touch, he surprises me every time with just how good I feel afterwards! His sessions have improved my physical wellness and seeing Jay brightens my day as he is so positive, friendly and kind, he is without a doubt the most intuitive and present masseuse you'll find.. I highly recommend Jay, and often refer to his treatments to my friends as 'the best massages I've ever had'.​"    Annie K.

"I have been treating myself to massages for many years and April's massages are wonderful.  She is a central component in my wellness program.  My mother lived to 97 and I want my body to last that long.  I wish my budget would accommodate weekly massages."    Marianne P,  71 years young

"I have experienced many different bodywork practitioners, and I can say without any reservation that Jay Negron is among the best. Jay has been able to completely correct several issues or substantially alleviate pain--like a frozen shoulder, hip discomfort, and persistent knee pain as a result of post-surgical scar tissue accumulation. Jay combines a deep knowledge of physiology and sports medicine with keen intuition and laser-like focus on problem areas. I find him to be serious about his work, always respectful, solution-oriented, and flexible. If you want a relaxing, full-body massage, you won't be disappointed. If you want therapeutic sessions that involve realigning old, habitual muscular patterns or unhealthy over-compensation, he has what it takes to facilitate those changes."    Mary K.

"I got a 3 pack prenatal massage here from April and they were wonderful. I was calm and at ease with April and felt way more relaxed after our sessions, with less hip pain. I also saw Caitlin, who does Webster chiropractic and that also helped my preggo hips immensely. Thank you TULA!"    Shelby H.

​"I swear he has eyes in his elbows!  Experiencing Jay's massage and body work exceeded my expectations and will no doubt exceed yours. His knowledge, expertise and manner has relieved a tremendous amount of stress and healed many of my body's woes.  I look forward to each session and count on the results that never fail to keep me going.  TULA, his recently opened facility in Soquel Village is a pristine, aesthetic space and perfectly compliments his impeccable professionalism.  Do yourself a world of good, make an appointment!"  Anita C.

"April is the best massage therapist I have ever been to!  I went to her with shoulder and elbow pain from a fall.  She was gentle but firm to get me back in shape.  I have zero pain today due to her knowledge and skills.  Once you have had a massage by April, you'll be hooked!  She is the BEST on the Central Coast!!"    Cheryl H.

"I've been to many massage therapists throughout my life and I can honestly say Jay is the best I have been too. He is comprehensive and clearly highly trained in massage therapy.  You will walk out like a noodle because he makes sure every single muscle is addressed."     Jimmy D.  

"April is amazing. She is friendly and gives a fierce massage. So I guess you could say she is a 'Fiercely Friendly Masseuse.'  I would recommend her to my Mother and my brother. So there is that too."    Luke S

"Jay Negron is more than a magnificent masseur; he is a physical therapist, a veritable healer. Jay is everything you want in a bodyworker: respectful, sensitive, intuitive, knowledgeable, skillful, and effective. He has done wonders for me. When I was 13 years old, I fell off a roof from 10 feet up, landing on my left hip and thigh--an injury that has stayed with me my entire life. Then, at age 60, I had an uncanny replay of this accident when my left hip and thigh again slammed the pavement from 10 feet up--this time after I had been catapulted off my bike by a speed bump. Since then, for seven years, I've had to walk with a limp--due to the constant pain. And then Jay came along and performed his "magic" on me. Within a handful of sessions, I have experienced significant improvement. It is now such a pleasure for me to enjoy long hikes and climbing hills again pain free. I am so grateful to Jay for what he has accomplished. If you are looking for a thoroughly relaxing body massage or more intense, deep healing work, give Jay a try. Trust me, you'll be in good hands."     Peter S.

"April is amazing at what she does.  She has an excellent understanding of the body and how to make it function at a higher level. I came to her with a sports injury that I had been harboring for years. After the first visit I had increased range of motion and reduced pain. After continuing to see her I feel like I can use my body the way nature intended me too. I have increased strength and flexibility since seeing April. She is a genuinely nice person. She is so easy to work with and extremely kind.  I have already recommended her to friends and plan to continue to do so."     Meg C.

"I feel so incredibly grateful for this Center of health and wellness. Since I found out I was pregnant, I have been frequenting TULA for grade-A bodywork, including acupuncture and massage. The space is beautiful; local artists' work along the walls, plants growing throughout, pleasant aromas, calming sounds, and always kept clean and tidy. I can't recommend it enough!"       Kaylin D.

"I met Jay while rehabbing from back surgery in the PT office and he was a standout among that group.  Although PT gave me the strength to get back to my daily activities, back pain and maintenance has been ongoing for me and so I found Jay again and became a regular.  He is by far the best I have ever experienced and massage therapy is not new to me.  My wife is now his regular client as well and I would send anybody to him with confidence in his talent to treat each person completely individually and suit their needs.  You won't find better!"   Chris B.