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Soquel, CA 95073

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Community Space

TULA has 3 therapy rooms available for both drop-in and contract basis, one of which is large enough to accommodate 2 massage tables, if needed.  They all come with a high quality massage table, fleece cover and heating pad, bolster, and bluetooth speaker.  All you need to bring are your own sheets and medium!

Our community space offers a wonderful, intimate area to lead a small class, talk or workshop.  The space is approximately 200 sq.ft and is semi-private; heavy curtains and screens cordon off the room for privacy, but it is not sound proof.  As such, it is best suited for low-key, limited noise activities and classes, like yoga, chi gong, or wellness education classes.  

Space Rental

TULA rents both the community space and the therapy rooms on a drop-in basis by the hour, in 4-hr shifts, and full days.  Discounts are given for multiple rentals per month, when paid upfront.  We also rent our therapy rooms on a contract basis, as a regular weekly shift.  Rent is paid monthly in exchange for the use of a therapy room for a set shift each week (i.e. $50/month for every Tuesday 9am-1pm).  Discounts are given for multiple regular shifts.  

All renters have shared access to our reception area and handicapped accessible bathroom, as well as filtered water, bluetooth speakers, and stocked massage tables.  

We provide a 15 min set-up/take-down buffer on either end of each rental period.  

To inquire in more detail to see if renting space at TULA is the right fit, please contact us via email or phone

at your earliest convenience! 

Therapy Rooms